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fuseSPORT.com Announces 15 Year Agreement with Top USA Multi-Sport Association


fuseSPORT and National Senior Games Association launch extended partnership with the 2013 games.

Colorado Springs, CO (November 19, 2012) – fuseSport.com, the total solution for sports events, federations and league management through the utilization of cloud-based technology, announced today it has signed a 15-year agreement with the USA’s National Senior Games Association (NSGA) to assist the organisation with multiple aspects of running its games.

 To kick off the new partnership, online registration for the 2013 National Senior Games just opened. This bi-annual championship is scheduled for July 19 – August 1, 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio, and is expected to draw over 14,000 participants.

 “The NSGA was drawn to fuseSPORT because of our unique federation and multi-sport games capabilities,” says Andrew Clark, CMO & USA Regional Manager of fuseSport. “With an organisation as large and diverse as the NSGA, running the 350 or so state & local senior games each year and a championship every other year, they needed a state-of-art solutions provider that has the experience running large-scale events like this. For over 16 years, we have been providing successful online technology platforms for all types of sport, and we are excited to commit to a 15-year partnership with the NSGA.”

Especially fitting for International and National Federations, fuseSPORT is beneficial to the NSGA because it is the governing association of over 50 state member organisations. The NSGA clearly has a need for easy access and management of its data for these games and its members.

fuseSport allows events and organising committees to use online tools for automating daily tasks, setting up online registration, tracking finances, marketing events through the web, social media, and mobile devices, and storing member information.

For more information about fuseSport’s services, visit http://www.fusesport.com.

About fuseSPORT

fuseSport.com is a global leader in online solutions for major sports events and federations. Its cloud-based technology comes with a breadth of functionality and expertise necessary to meet the demands of mission-critical world-class sporting events and federations. As one of the longest-running providers of online technology platforms for sport, with its 16 years in business, fuseSport.com is experienced in running large scale, complex multi-sport events. The company holds office locations in Europe, North America and Asia/Pacific.

About NSGA

The National Senior Games Association is a non-profit member of the United States Olympic Committee dedicated to motivating senior men and women to lead a healthy lifestyle through the senior games movement. The organization governs the Summer National Senior Games and is an umbrella for member state organizations across the U.S. that host State Senior Games or Senior Olympics. The NSGA supports and sanctions these member state organizations so that adults can participate in their state in events year-round.